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THEN READ THIS.....I specialize in the SALE OF GOLF COURSES!
Everyday I talk to people who are interested in going into the golf course business for themselves. Our job is to work hard to get you the highest possible price and terms. 
                                                              I will be representing you - you will be my client.
                                                              When I agree to sell your golf course I do the following:
Description of Services:

David Sonley will assist “sellers” in all aspects of the sales process. Our service can include:


We offer to make a site visit to your golf course to inspect your golf course and actually play the course weather permitting. We will inspect your clubhouse, all buildings and facilities, irrigation system, golf carts, equipment, etc. We will visit other golf courses in the area to assess your competition and we will research comparable local land values where applicable to determine the pure land value of your golf course. We offer to meet with you in person to discuss your golf club operations and learn about the history of your golf course as well as current conditions and future plans. We will review with you your golf course financial statements, property taxes, water availability and cost and other operational and financial issues. We will perform all financial analysis including capitalization rates, discounted cash flow models and internal rates of return to determine the economic value of your golf course. We will offer any ideas that we may have as a consultant to help you improve on the current operations and resulting profitability of your golf course based on our years of experience in reviewing and analyzing golf course operations.

2.  Comparative Market Analysis Price (CMA):

We will make a site visitation to your golf course and completely analyze your golf course assets and economic information to determine the market value of your golf course. Our analysis will include the following:

• Inspect all physical aspects of your property including clubhouse, buildings, facilities, irrigation system, equipment, golf carts, and Pro shop and food and beverage facilities.
• Visit competing golf courses in the area to assess your competition
• Research local land values to determine the pure land value of your property   
• Review all financial statements and apply various economic analysis to include capitalization rates, discounted cash flow models and internal rates of return
• Gather information as to any needed capital improvements or deferred maintenance
• Discuss with you current operations and possible ways to enhance operations and profitability in the future

3. Offering Package:

We prepare at no cost to you, a complete offering package that will display your golf course and answer many questions that potential buyers will have concerning your property for sale. This package will include property descriptions, financials, maps, demographics, photographs, etc. This package can be made available to qualified buyers by electronic e Mail or hard copy. All potential buyers will be pre qualified for financial ability and asked to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the integrity of your golf course.

4.  Advertising:

At our expense, we can call existing Prospects/Investor -(Potential Users/Buyers acting in market). We are working with many of potential buyers at all times looking for golf courses. Notify Top Area Business/Commercial Agents/Golf Specialists (David Sonley & Linda Gill-Sonley have a long time relationship with many other prospective Golf Course Real Estate Agents that have Buyers) Additional Network Marketing * (Internet) * Our Golf Website* Major Search engines. We can advertise your golf course for sale without revealing the golf course name or specific location to try and keep the sale of your golf course discreet.

5.  Sales Process:
We offer to assist sellers with the complete sales process. We can assist with negotiations and contracting, help with the property inspections and due diligence process. We can stay with you all the way through closing.

6. Summary:
Golf courses and country clubs make up a small niche market. We have many years of experience and credentials in the golf course market that can work for you.


We attempt to gather as much  information as possible before we travel to your golf course.
Please fill out and email back the Sellers Information Package  before we visit your course.
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