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We offer to work hard to find a Golf Course Property that will meet your specific needs. Once located we make a site visit to the golf course you are interested in purchasing. We will report back to you the conditions of the golf course, clubhouse, all buildings and facilities, irrigation system, golf carts, equipment,etc. We will visit other golf courses in the area to assess your competition and we will research comparable local land values where applicable to determine the pure value of the land that your golf course and facilities occupy. We will apply various financial analysis including capitalization rate calculations, discounted cash flow models and internal rates of return. We will review with you our completed Comparative Market Analysis and the golf course financial statements, property taxes, water availability and cost and other operational and financial issues that we discover.

We offer to assist you with the buying process:
Help to prepare the purchase contract and review all pertinent documents for your lawyer,  provide you with names to hire a due diligence team to inspect all physical aspects of the golf course including buildings, facilities, Irrigation system, and equipment, analyze and review the financial statements and help you secure financing.

The only way to have a Real Estate Broker legally represent your interest first is to enter
into a Buyer Representation Agreement.


If you need an evaluation of a golf course or general consultation concerning a potential golf
course acquisition or want help to find and purchase a golf course, please call David Sonley  (226) 236-2511 or Email us to discuss
how we can help you to achieve your goal.


We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.
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